How to buy lingerie for your girlfriend

How to buy lingerie for your girlfriend

How to buy lingerie for your girlfriend

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At some time every man wants to get lingerie for the girl in their life. Since they are getting the lingerie as a gift for them, it is going to be sexy. However the insufficient knowledge about lingerie will get in the way of choosing the right sexy lingerie for the special person. But you have to know, lingerie is just as good as getting candy or flowers to a girl. Getting from presents like flowers and make it personal and romantic is the greatest way to make your lover happy. In fact getting the best lingerie for a girl can enhance your love life. But, you must get the best one to make that best moment happen.

To help you select that romantic gift, here are some beneficial tips to keep in mind.

Know the right lingerie size of your girl

Keep in mind that her clothes size and lingerie size is totally different. Which means you must get her lingerie size appropriate. Asking your girl her lingerie size may not be the best option. To figure out, you can check her lingerie wardrobe and get her bra and panty size. Once you are sure on getting her lingerie, buying the precise size is extremely important.


Don’t stray too far away from what she already wears. Women tend to feel sexiest when they feel like themselves, so it’s important to select lingerie that reflects her taste and fits her body type. If she normally wears basic colors and plain styles, you may not want to opt for the red lace crotchless thong. Keep her style in mind and choose similar colors she previously wears. When not sure, black lingerie is elegant yet very sexy on anyone and also allows her to combine and match up with black bras or panties she previously owns.

Emphasize her assets

Some lingerie's will highlight certain body parts, and some are to cover a little. To be on the safer size, select the lingerie that will highlight her perfect body part. If you like her breasts then buy a set that has a balconette bra. Make easy selections but wise ones.


Lingerie does not mean bras and panties. Take your lingerie present up to a notch and get her a set of sexy thigh high stockings to match up the bra and panty set. If she is a little bit of low key you can try getting her a lovely silk robe to match up the lingerie you choose. Other great improvements to a lingerie gift involve flavor massage, or scented candles.

Look for expert advice

When you shop for lingerie and not purchasing online, you will be visited by sales reps that can assist you with what you are searching for. Don't be bothered or embarrassed to ask their help. Ask their opinion and advice. Give them all the details you got and get their advice on what she prefer the most.

With lingerie, there are no universal don’ts. It depends what she’s into. If you’re unsure, we suggest sticking to more classic, lacy styles in black. You can’t go wrong with black; it flatters all body types and has a seductive quality.

I would say you can take more risks if you have been together for a longer time. I wouldn’t recommend getting crotchless panties for someone you’ve been seeing for a month, but it could be a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom if you’re in a long-term relationship.

Now that you have the basics and a cheat sheet, it’s time to venture out and apply your new found appreciation for the art of lingerie shopping. Start by Clicking HERE selection, chosen exclusively for What’s Really Good. Keep in mind what she prefers, and what will fit her and you must be able to find lovely lingerie that she will admire without much pain.